The Warriors

During the boys Christmas break, we had signed them up to be on a youth league basketball team with some of the other kids in their class. Since they were at their Nana’s over Christmas break, we decided to wait until they got back home to tell them they were going to be on a basketball team. They were so excited!! Their team name is the Warriors and their first game was 2 Saturdays ago in which they lost, but they had only had one practice and they ended up playing a team that had kids older than them… but they had fun anyways! So from now on they will be having 2 practices a week and then their games are on Saturdays. This last Saturday they had their second game and they did lose again, but they are doing a lot better!  We have told the boys that it doesn’t matter if they win or lose as long as they are having fun!

This is the first time the boys have ever been on a team, so it’s really a learning experience for them and I’m really hoping that it will help with their behavior in school and at home and that they can learn to work together as a team both as brothers and as friends at school.