Our Wedding Day

Jake and I were married on Friday April 13th. We just wanted a very small Justice of the Peace wedding. We were so grateful to have my parents fly all the way from Washington State to be our witnesses :). My parents flew in on Wednesday night so we had some time to do some touristy stuff like go to Santa Fe one day and to Los Alamos another day… which was our first time checking out Los Alamos too!

Our wedding was such a blessed day! Even though it was just in front of a judge, I still wanted a dress and a bouquet, and Jake and the boys got dressed up too. We got married in the Judge’s office at his business, but afterwards we went to the Sanctuario de Chimayo… it’s a beautiful church in Chimayo, NM where on Good Friday people from all over make a pilgrimage to this church. There is a hole in the church that holds healing dirt and people will take some back home when they visit.

We had visited the Sanctuario de Chimayo the day before to get an idea of where we should take the pictures. Which on the wedding day, we got a ton of amazing pictures. My parents were the wonderful photographers :).

Now, Jake and I are excited to be spending the rest of our lives together :).







Long Time No Blog!

I know, I know… it has been wwwaaaaaayyyy too long since I have blogged. Although I will say a lot has been going on lately. The weather is getting warmer, flowers are blooming, birds singing… so during these nice days we like to play outdoors. Our latest thing has been gold panning… I’m still in the learning process, but it’s fun to watch Jake do what he loves.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been doing a whole lot of crocheting… I do have a few new things that I still need to take pictures of and get listed in my shop. And I’m in the middle of working on two new items… they will eventually get done :).

Now, for the greatest news….. after being together for almost 7 years, Jake and I have finally decided to get married. We both decided we do not want a wedding, so we’re going to have a Justice of the Peace wedding… which we are planning to have on Friday, April 13th. We are both very excited! I’m also very excited that my parents will get to be here to witness our marriage. And for those of you who don’t know me… I do not like, nor do I ever, wear dresses! But, for this joyous occasion I have decided I want to wear a dress. And after hours of searching online (because the only store we have in town is Walmart!! Ugh!) I finally found a dress that “wowed” me (as my little sister would say). Once I finally decided what size I needed to get, I went to try and order the dress, and it was out of stock… so then I was back to square one! I kept the page of the dress I loved open and kept checking back to see if my size was in stock… finally I happened to check again (for the 5th time that day) and it was back in stock!! I immediately called my Mom to let her know :).  Needless to say, we were both excited!

Here’s a picture of my dress… Pretty right?

I’m definitely looking forward to our special day, but I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with this wonderful man I love!