Pet Palooza Photo Contest

I have entered my 3 dogs into a pet photo contest that a local radio station is hosting called Pet Palooza 2012. The winner of the contest will receive $500!! So I am asking anyone and everyone to please help me and my family out to try and win this $500, which we could really use! All you have to do is vote for each of my dogs. You will have to register with your email address, and you can register all of your email addresses to give even more votes! 🙂

All 3 dogs have made it to Round 2… thank you to all those who have been voting!! You’re all awesome :)! You are allowed to vote for as many of the pets that you want (which hopefully those votes will go to my dogs :)). And you are allowed to vote once per day…. if you have more than one email address, you can vote once with each email address.

The first dog is Wicket… she is a Brussels Griffon. Just click on the picture below and it will take you to the site to vote 🙂

Next, is our newest dog Petrie… he is part Chihuahua part Rat Terrier (we think).

And last, but not least is Willie… he is a Chinese Crested.

Feel free to share with all of your friends by tweeting or sharing on facebook 🙂

Thanks everyone!! I appreciate any and all votes you give!