Donations Being Collected For Cancer Treatment

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this. My father inlaw is in need of radiation treatment and chemotherpy, he is scheduled to start his treatments in 2 weeks and will be under going them for 6 weeks. I am collecting donations for the costs of the medical bills and his living needs during this time. My father inlaw is a good man that has worked his entire life and has never asked for anything. Back in January he started getting a lump on his right breast which quickly grew into a softball size lump, well being a hard headed man he is this was kept secret from us up until I got a call at 3am one morning that he was in pain and needed to get to the hospital. Needless to say I drove down to him and took him in and much to my surprise and shock this was unveiled to me. He was referred to a specialist that wanted to do surgery right away and remove the lump. After a biopsy was done it was determined that the lump was malignant cancer and that the therapy was needed as soon as he healed from the surgery, because they were unable to remove 100% of the cancer. My father inlaw is the kind of guy everyone likes to be around and never has a bad thing to say about anyone or anything….. He is too young to be going through this but unfortunately this is just the way life works and we are dealing with it daily, our problem is that up to this point all the Doctor visits, medication and the actual surgery we are all broke (let me add that my father continued to work the whole time this was going on, including as soon as he was released from the hospital after surgery) But what the doctors are telling us is that he will be too bad off to continue to have an income during the six weeks of treatment and that’s where I ask if there is anyone that can donate even a penny would be great and this could really help him. I hope that everyone can find it in their heart to donate even just a lil bit…….
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