Help Us Defeat ALS

I know  I haven’t blogged in quite some time!! BUT I am writing this blog today for a very important cause that affects me personally. At the beginning of this year my family found out that my Dad was diagnosed with ALS… also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. This hit us all pretty hard.. no one wants to lose their Dad!! But we are taking this day by day and my Dad is so strong and positive and I love him for that! My parents and the rest of my family have such a strong faith in God that we will make it through this… the prayers and support of family and friends helps us through this as well.

My brother and sister inlaw have created a team and will be joining the Bellingham Walk To Defeat ALS and they need our help! If you live in the Lynden or Bellingham, Washington area and would like to join their team you can do so at the link below… or if you would like to show your support, but don’t feel you can do the walk, you can also make a donation on the link below as well.

Click Here… Bellingham Walk To Defeat ALS

Please keep my Dad and my Mom in your prayers… we can all fight this together!

Mom and Dad

One thought on “Help Us Defeat ALS

  1. Jan Kok says:

    Love you Sara and know that your heart is heavy along with ours. To each of you who receive this cry for help…please pray for our family as we are all involved and affected by this. Though our faith is strong and sure we still feel fraile and need and appreciate your support. Blessings on each of you…thank you for carrying us through this difficult time and journey.

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