Treats for the Team

Last Saturday it was my turn to pass out the snacks/treats after the boys basketball game. So a couple weeks before I had asked my Mom if she had any great ideas or recipes for me because I remember when my little sister and I were playing sports, she ALWAYS brought the BEST treats!! And all our teammates said so too :). So my Mom, who was very excited to come up with some ideas/recipes for me, graciously sent me several recipes to choose from. It was a tough decision on what I should actually make, because they ALL looked so yummy! But after cutting out the recipes that called for peanut butter (there is a kid on the team with a peanut allergy), I finally decided to go with the Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes. They were actually very easy to make and they were a HUGE hit!! The kids AND the parents were in awe! Some of the moms even asked me how I made them. I made a bunch of them so there were enough for the team and for the little brothers and sisters… and some of the parents too :).

I have to bring treats to their last basketball game as well, in which I will probably make something different. As for now, I’m just trying to get better! I have had a sore throat which has turned into a horrible cold and it seems to just be getting worse… at least that’s what it feels like!


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