Tuesday’s Talent – True Treats Bakery

I know, I know… I haven’t been keeping up with the Tuesday’s Talent! But I remembered today!! 🙂

Today’s Tuesday’s Talent etsy shop is True Treats Bakery. Kristan makes the most wonderful treats for your pets… not that I have ever tasted them, but all 3 of my dogs have and they LOVE them!! She makes dog treats, cat treats, and horse treats… She specializes in making treats Gluten free, Grain free, or Whole Grain for whatever type of needs your pet has. And they are always made with healthy ingredients and most importantly, freshness!!  She also makes the treats into some really cute shapes such as hearts, bones, and stars… she even makes cupcakes which are great for when your dog has a birthday!

So if you like to spoil your pets rotten, then you definitely need to go check out her etsy shop!




Kristan also has an etsy shop where she sells Abstract Paintings and other Paper Goods!


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The Warriors

During the boys Christmas break, we had signed them up to be on a youth league basketball team with some of the other kids in their class. Since they were at their Nana’s over Christmas break, we decided to wait until they got back home to tell them they were going to be on a basketball team. They were so excited!! Their team name is the Warriors and their first game was 2 Saturdays ago in which they lost, but they had only had one practice and they ended up playing a team that had kids older than them… but they had fun anyways! So from now on they will be having 2 practices a week and then their games are on Saturdays. This last Saturday they had their second game and they did lose again, but they are doing a lot better!  We have told the boys that it doesn’t matter if they win or lose as long as they are having fun!

This is the first time the boys have ever been on a team, so it’s really a learning experience for them and I’m really hoping that it will help with their behavior in school and at home and that they can learn to work together as a team both as brothers and as friends at school.










Wonders of Nature

I love nature and all its beauty! The other day I was outside in the backyard with the dogs and on one of the trees I saw this beautiful bird. So I thought I would quickly run inside and grab my camera and hope it doesn’t fly away in the mean time! Well, I made it back in time and here’s what I got…

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Coffee Mug Cozy GIVEAWAY!!

Ok, it’s time to have a GIVEAWAY!!

Here’s what you will win… a coffee mug cozy! And you can even choose the color and whether you would like just a plain cozy, one with a bow, or one with a crocheted heart.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment letting me know what color cozy you would like to have if you do win! I will be leaving this open for one month and I will choose the winner randomly on February 6th. So please be sure to share this with all of your friends!! Good Luck to everyone!


Tuesday’s Talent…. on Thursday

Yes, I realize it is not Tuesday and that it is indeed Thursday! (Right?? LOL!). And yes, I realize I have not been doing the Tuesday’s Talent every week… I’ve been busy. ANYwho!! Today’s Talented etsy shop that I have chosen is UniqueGreetings. The owner of the shop is Susan, and she makes the most beautiful cards!! I had bought one last year for my Mom’s birthday, and when I received it in the mail, I was absolutely amazed with how beautiful the card was… and instead of writing a note inside the card like I normally would in a plain ole Hallmark card, I just could not write on this card… it was too pretty!! So instead I wrote a note on a separate piece of paper and stuck that inside the card :). Once my Mom received her birthday card from me, she said it was the most beautiful card she has ever received!

  This card is very similar to the card I got for my Mom’s birthday. Susan makes cards for just about any occasion, so if there’s a holiday or birthday coming up, you should definitely check out her etsy shop first!

And since Valentine’s Day is coming up, maybe you can get that someone special in your life a beautiful card that they will cherish forever!

Stay Warm With Chunky Yarn!

I have been trying out some projects using chunky yarn. Now that I have the right kind of crochet hook, I absolutely love working with chunky yarn!! For Christmas I had gotten a “Knifty Knitter” from my Grandma… she had bought it for herself to use a few years ago to make some hats, but never got around to it, so she passed it onto me!

  So I decided to start with something easy like a hat. I will have to do some searching online for other cool patterns.  Now when I was starting out with the hat, I had to start over a few times, but once I got the hang of it (and read the directions correctly!! LOL!) it was super easy!!

And of course when I made the hat, I had to make a scarf that matched!! But instead of a cowl scarf like I usually do, I decided to make just a regular long scarf but use 2 different colors. I personally think they turned out great! And they are SO SOFT!! Oh, and I of course have both the hat and the scarf available for sale in my etsy shop :).