My Weekend Update

Since my weekends seem to always be really busy, I probably won’t be blogging on those days! So I guess you’ll just have to do with sitting on the edge of your seats anxiously waiting for me to post a new blog on Monday’s :).

On Saturday, I took the boys to the airport so they could fly to Dallas to spend the next 2 weeks with their Nana Jody. It was their very first time flying on a plane and they went by themselves! They were very excited to get to fly on a plane and they were very well behaved… according to the stewardess, they were the best kids on the plane!! I guess with me telling them to be good a million times before they got on the plane actually worked!! Anyways, when I pick them up again, I will have to do what we call the “Sweetwater Run”… that’s when I drive 8 or 9 hours to Sweetwater, Texas and Nana Jody and Papa Todd drive 2 to 3 hours to Sweetwater so we can meet up and hand off the boys… sounds fair right? NOT!! The thing is this time, they want to hand them off on Dec 26th, which means I get to drive all day on Christmas! Yippee!! 😛

So far I have been thoroughly enjoying being kid free! I can sleep in… although I don’t think waking up at 7 a.m. is sleeping in. I don’t have to worry about feeding them breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And most importantly, I can RELAX!! I will make the best of this little vacation :). What I’m really excited about is getting to see my older sister and 2 of my nieces soon!

Today, I have been busy finishing up making some Christmas presents… only one more to go!! And I spent some time wrapping some presents. Now I’m just waiting for the FedEx truck to get here with a package so I can run to the post office to get some things shipped off! Maybe while I’m waiting, I’ll get some more skull rings made since I got some more ring blanks in the mail today :).

Just a reminder… I’m still having my Christmas Sale going on in my etsy shop… just use coupon code CHRISTMAS for 10% off your purchase!

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