Busy Busy Busy!!

Life has been hectic around here! But I guess that is the usual around this time of year. I’m sure you’re all wondering what I have been up to these past few weeks… well, here it is…

On December 15th, Jake and I flew to Phoenix, Arizona on behalf of Petsense… we were invited to their Christmas luncheon in which they asked Jake to make a surprise visit as Ace Ventura. We had such a great time with everyone in the corporate office… they are all SO NICE!! After the Christmas luncheon, “Ace” and I spent some time with a couple others in Old Town Scottsdale, and then at Glendale Glitters (a Christmas lights event). While we were at Glendale Glitters we weren’t able to walk a few feet without someone asking if they could get their picture taken with Ace Ventura… he was a huge hit (and of course he LOVED all the attention :)). We even had security walking around with him! It was so much fun and we had a great time with everyone at Petsense!

While we were in Arizona, we were able to spend some time with my big sister, brother inlaw, and 2 of my nieces. It was so great to see them after not having seen them for a couple years!! And I was able to give my nieces their Christmas presents that I made for them… which they were absolutely in LOVE with! It melts my heart to see how much they love something I made for them :).

On Christmas day, I had to drive down to Sweetwater, TX so I could pick up the boys on the 26th… it takes about 9 hours to drive down there, so I have to drive the day before and stay in a hotel. I will tell you, it was NOT fun!! We had had some bad snow storms go through the whole state of New Mexico and I was really worried about having to drive through it! So I took the main highways, going through Amarillo, which was probably a huge mistake, because I drove right through a snow storm!! That was the worst part of the trip, the rest of it was pretty uneventful. When the boys and I finally got back home on the 26th, we had our own Christmas… the boys loved all their presents! I loved all my presents too!! And not to brag or anything, but Jake is the best guy ever!! He got me a really nice camera and an AWESOME sterling silver skull necklace :)… he knows me so well!! And from my parents I got some much needed new pots and pans… they are awesome!!

All in all, we had a great Christmas! And I hope you all did too!! Have a very Happy New Year!!

  This picture was taken Halloween of 2010, but this is Jake dressed as Ace Ventura. I made those pants for him :).





This is what I made for my niece, Ashtyn :)… she LOVES reptiles! Unfortunately, this was the only picture I took of all the niece and nephew gifts I made.

I Heart Free Patterns

I have only been crocheting for a short while, but have really been enjoying making new things. But in order to make pretty much anything, I need a pattern to follow! I know there are a lot of great patterns on etsy that I could buy, but I would much rather follow a FREE pattern :). I have found some great sites that have some awesome and easy patterns that are free, but I have to say that my favorite site is Caron. They have both crochet and knitting patterns! There are so many patterns I would like to try out, it’s hard to figure out where to start! And best of all, this website uses my favorite type of yarn… Simply Soft!!

  This is a pattern for a super cute hat that I want to try making… cute right? I think this one will be my next project… maybe once I’m finished making it, I will post the result on here :).

If anyone has any other websites you like to use that has free patterns, please share them in the comments. I’m always up for more free patterns :).


Infinity Scarves

When Jake and I were in Arizona last week, we had made a stop at Goodwill (shocking!!) and I had found some beautiful jersey knit fabric with an Asian floral design on it. I’m not exactly sure how many yards I got, but it only cost me $2!! I’m not sure which fabric store it originally came from because there was a Michael’s, a Hobby Lobby, and a Joann’s all in the same shopping area as Goodwill!!

Anywho!! Of course I just HAD to get the fabric and my first idea I came up with to make with it was an infinity scarf. Now I don’t usually make infinity scarves because there are many people on etsy who do sell them… and I personally know someone on etsy who sells them too… and I don’t like to feel like I copy other people’s ideas. So I tried making just one to see how it does…. it sold within the first 30 minutes I had it listed!! I think that’s a record!! So today I used up the rest of the fabric and made two more. I’m hoping they sell just as quickly.

So if you want one, you better get one while you still can!! I only have 2 left!!

Tuesday’s Talent – D’Lites by Dorene

Sorry I haven’t posted for a week!! Jake and I had gone to Arizona last Thursday and didn’t get back until Sunday night. We did have a blast while there though! But more on that later… today is Tuesday’s Talent 🙂

Today’s etsy shop choice is DLitesbyDorene. Dorene makes some wonderful smelling candles! I am a fan of hers on facebook and she has a drawing each month for those who “like” her and the winner receives a free candle!!  Well, I was the winner for this month… YAY!! I love winning stuff! Of course, who doesn’t love winning and getting free stuff??

I received a variety pack of tea light candles with the scents Cranberry Pomegranate, Coconut, Strawberries & Creme, Blackberry Tea, Mimosa, and Sea Breeze. They all smell wonderful, but I have to say that my favorite is the Blackberry Tea.

Please be sure to check out Dorene’s etsy shop, add her to your favorite shops, and then be sure to “like” her facebook page and maybe you will get to be a winner too!!

Tuesday’s Talent – Fruitloopgirl’s Designs

Today is Tuesday’s Talent day!! The etsy shop I have chosen today is Fruitloopgirl’s Designs.  Her name is Shari, and I also met her through the BNS’s on etsy. I was checking out some of the shops I’ve gotten to know and to invite them to a BNS and when I landed on her shop, I got to reading her profile and I came to find out that she lives in the same exact town that I grew up in… Lynden, WA!! She did not grow up there, but she moved there for her husband. So of course, I had to send her a message to let her know that I grew up in Lynden and how it was so crazy that she lives there and I didn’t even know it!! So we have decided that the next time I go visit my family in Lynden, we will go and have some coffee :).

Shari also crochets… like I do!! I personally have not had the pleasure of buying anything from her shop, but the items she does make are very pretty! In her shop, she has crocheted items such as coffee cup cozy’s, dish cloths, scarves, and hats… she also has cards and photo cards in her shop. So please go check out her shop and add her to your favorites… or buy something from her if you want :)… I’m sure she won’t mind!

My Weekend Update

Since my weekends seem to always be really busy, I probably won’t be blogging on those days! So I guess you’ll just have to do with sitting on the edge of your seats anxiously waiting for me to post a new blog on Monday’s :).

On Saturday, I took the boys to the airport so they could fly to Dallas to spend the next 2 weeks with their Nana Jody. It was their very first time flying on a plane and they went by themselves! They were very excited to get to fly on a plane and they were very well behaved… according to the stewardess, they were the best kids on the plane!! I guess with me telling them to be good a million times before they got on the plane actually worked!! Anyways, when I pick them up again, I will have to do what we call the “Sweetwater Run”… that’s when I drive 8 or 9 hours to Sweetwater, Texas and Nana Jody and Papa Todd drive 2 to 3 hours to Sweetwater so we can meet up and hand off the boys… sounds fair right? NOT!! The thing is this time, they want to hand them off on Dec 26th, which means I get to drive all day on Christmas! Yippee!! 😛

So far I have been thoroughly enjoying being kid free! I can sleep in… although I don’t think waking up at 7 a.m. is sleeping in. I don’t have to worry about feeding them breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And most importantly, I can RELAX!! I will make the best of this little vacation :). What I’m really excited about is getting to see my older sister and 2 of my nieces soon!

Today, I have been busy finishing up making some Christmas presents… only one more to go!! And I spent some time wrapping some presents. Now I’m just waiting for the FedEx truck to get here with a package so I can run to the post office to get some things shipped off! Maybe while I’m waiting, I’ll get some more skull rings made since I got some more ring blanks in the mail today :).

Just a reminder… I’m still having my Christmas Sale going on in my etsy shop… just use coupon code CHRISTMAS for 10% off your purchase!

Give your coffee mug some style!

I am always trying to come up with new ideas and products to add to my etsy shop. My newest item I have been creating are coffee mug cozy’s. And instead of having just a plain old, simple cozy, I decided to add a cute little bow! So why not dress up your plain, boring coffee mug with these cute cozy’s?

Don’t like coffee? (I will have to add that I will think you are weird for not liking coffee, but anywho!!) Maybe you have a friend or friends that do like coffee! These make great gifts… or you can put one in a stocking!

I only have a few in my shop at the moment (only 2 have bows on them), but I’m planning on making more and I have lots of color choices of yarn you can choose from… or you can let me know what colors you like and I’ll see what I can do :).